KRO's Stinkend, Beroemd en Dakloos

Four Dutch celebrities, used to their lives of luxury and wellbeing, live on the streets for seven days and six nights. They struggle to live and survive amongst the homeless.


Grote Prijs TV

  • Project: Webchannel, 10 episodes
  • What: Production / Directing / Camera / Editing
  • Collaboration with: Daniel Cohen
  • Client: Grote Prijs van Nederland
  • Grote Prijs TV

A look behind the scenes at the biggest battle-of-the-bands in the Netherlands. Grote Prijs TV goes where no cameras can go. The webchannel has a total of 10 episodes.


SP / Nederland wil minder Brussel - viral

  • Project: Viral ad for a European campaign
  • What: Technical Production / Directing / Camera
  • Collaboration with: Thonik / Daniel Cohen
  • Client: Thonik / SP

A viral web-video, 40 seconds, for a European policital campaign: "Nederland wil minder Brussel". Five young European citizens pronounce the Dutch users name and say "Ik hou van jou" (I love you). The production started from casting, through recording 4000 names with each actor, to cutting the material. The Flash part of the viral was made by Achtbaan.


AT5 / News - ENG

  • Project: ENG for local broadcaster
  • What: Camera
  • Client: AT5

ENG camera work for the local Amsterdam TV news channel. Involving hard news coverage as well as more regular items / interviews.


Lectoraat Theatrale Maakprocessen - misc

  • Project: Various media for research group
  • What: Documentary / ENG / design
  • Client: Lectoraat Theatrale Maakprocessen, HKU

The Lectoraat Theatrale Maakprocessen is a researchgroup, attached to the Utrecht School of the Arts. They research and publish about theater making processes. Publications include booklets, flyers, DVD's containing lectures and interviews, documentaries and more, all within one recognisable style.


Robin Vogel / Minovio - commercial

De Kinderboekenweek (The Childrens bookweek) is an annual event, promoting childrens books and their authors. For the kick-off ceremony Robin Vogel made a commercial, inspired by the weeks theme.


Yo! Opera - interview

Interview by Anthony Heidweiller with opera director Peter Sellars on vocal creative dialogue. The interview was used as a keynote speech at the annual Youth Opera conference in Utrecht.